Easy to do pre approval. Jay was quick to explain the next steps, down-payment, closing costs, and how to prepare myself for buying my first home.

Jay has been amazing. He worked so hard to get us approved and found us a great short term rate. He worked with us evenings and weekends and always responded. He was so understanding and caring, helped us a lot through a nervous time giving us the confidence we needed to move forward, lol. Thank you, Jay!!

We have a thriving business and were shocked when our Bank told us what we qualified for. When we were referred to Jay we really didn’t expect much after what we went through with our Bank, boy were we wrong!

After discussing our situation with Jay, he told us how he works with many clients who are in Business for themselves and that there were many options available to us. We promptly sent him everything he requested and within a couple of days we had us Pre Qualified and ready to go buy our New Home!! We love our Home Jay, you’re our Mortgage Guy!!

Thank you Jay!!

We were First Time Buyers with very little knowledge about buying a home. Our Realtor recommended Jay, he took the time to explain the process of getting a Mortgage. Jay explained down payment, closing costs, 1st time buyer rebates, insurance premiums fixed vs variable rates etc., there was a lot. He requested everything to do with our employment and down payment upfront so we were ready to buy. He listened to our needs and previewed all the listings so we knew we could afford them before we made an offer. We lost out on a few but he stuck with us and we have our own beautiful home! We’re going to miss us after so many conversations, we’re really attached to you. Thanks So Much JAY, please keep in touch 🙂

When Jay said he worked for us and not the Bank he delivered. Truly cared about the needs of our family and advised us accordingly (Every time I contacted the Bank I dealt with someone different), I don’t use a different dentist or doctor every time I need them so I switched to a Mortgage Broker and found a super knowledgeable one in Jay.. Love that I can work with one person that I Trust!

Thanks Jay!!

Jay was a pleasure to work with!  Communication was amazing, he kept us in the loop every step of the way! We dealt with Jay directly from start to finish, we Highly recommend Jay!

THANK YOU JAY!! We were in a tough spot, COVID really had a negative impact on our lives. As we were getting back on our feet, we reached out to our Bank for Help and were turned away. We cant express how Appreciative we are that your services we recommended to us by a close friend. After taking time to on a Sunday of all days to listen to our needs we put together a plan and refinanced our Home at an unimaginably low rate! We Paid all of our Debts.

Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts, we can Breath again and Life is GREAT!!

You are my Guardian Angel! When the Bank Crushed our Dream, you made it a Reality!  Thank you!!!

 We love living the Cottage Life!! My Family is forever Grateful that you found a way to make our Dream a reality!